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Fishers-HSE Youth Baseball League


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Happy 2019!

Regular Season Schedule Shell: (for travel teams to begin reserving game space for use).  Please see the following notes:

1) Right now, only Billericay, the 90ft fields (Hatcher/Riverside), and Holland/Harrison are included.

2) You can request usage of any space indicated in RED.  All spaces with a number in them are reserved for a Rec Youth Baseball Game.

3) Billericay and Hatcher can ONLY be reserved for game usage!  This is due to the amount of game demand on those fields (between rec and travel usage).  Riverside can be requested for practice space.  Holland and Harrison can be requested for practice space.

4) Space will only be reserved IF opponent is provided

5) Requests should be send to [email protected] with your team/date/time/opponent indicated.  Please allow up to 36 hours for response before checking on request.  Normally, requests will be reviewed each evening/night.

6) Requests should be made by team coach OR scheduling coordinator only.  Please indicate your team in request (9U Red for example).

7) Requesting field space DOES NOT secure umpires, that request must be made to umpiring group.

8) For practice requests, only ONE slot per week will be reserved - that is to allow space for all!

Here is ROUGH schedule shell:

2019 Regular Season Schedule Shell (Last Updated 2/18 @ 8:00am)

Pre-Season Schedule Shell:

1) Right now, only Billericay, the 90ft fields (Hatcher/Riverside), and Holland/Harrison are included.

2) Requests can be made for any slot marked in RED.  Other colors (with numbers in them) are reserved for rec pre-season practices.  A few additional slots are left open for rec scheduling flexibility.

3) Pre-Season requests can be for PRACTICE OR GAME scheduling on any open slot.  Please note....if a travel game is needing to be scheduled, a practice can/will be bumped, so plan accordingly!

4) Requests should be submitted similar to regular season requests.

2019 Pre-Season Schedule Shell (Last Updated 2/18 @ 8:00am)

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